Unique garments made to your liking, for your body and to make you feel good.


Each body is unique and different, this is confirmed by the 5years we have been making tailor-made clothing for our clients.

Our service was born from a real and often overlooked need, to have clothes that simply fit us and make us feel good about ourselves.

The fashion and mass selling system have taken us away from the beautiful experience of working with a tailor or seamstress,replacing this often with a non-personalized experience and much pointless shopping or without any real value.


In our tailored service we manufacture shirts and pants, to complete suits or the special requests of our clients. You can choose the fabric, the silhouette, the design, finishes and details.

We believe in creating close relationships with our clients by getting to know them, listening to their stories and trying our best to understand them.

There is nothing like having a garment in your closet that was really thought of, made and created for you.


We sit down to talk and understand well enough what you are looking for, then we design it together and take all the necessary measures to make the garment.


During this first sizing we will review the most important points of the garments such as fit, fall and finishes.


The last step before completing the process. We review every detail thoroughly, to ensure that we will deliver the product as flawless as you expect it to be.


You take home a unique and special garment.

Do you want a custom made piece?

Write us and someone on our team will contact you soon.